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Summary of “Thunderbirds 2086”

”Thunderbirds 2086”

*Broadcast period:April 17, 1982 – September 11, 1982
*Number of episodes:Total 18 episodes
*Production:green box, AIC

The anime drama “Science Rescue Team Techno Voyager” aired in 1982. The story is set in 2066 and depicts a future Earth where large-scale accidents, violent crimes, and natural destruction occur frequently due to scientific advances. In order to confront these threats, the World Federation has five carefully selected members operate 17 machines and work hard to rescue humanity.

This work can be called an animated version of “Thunderbirds,” which focuses on rescue operations. The story is set in a future Earth where science has evolved, and depicts the challenges of disasters and accidents. However, in this work, the main element is action by mecha, and giant robots do not appear. As a result, it was a work that was not worth seeing at the time. I’m not sure why an animated version of “Thunderbirds” was planned, but it can be said that it was clearly a failure. “Thunderbirds” was successful because it was a puppet show and the sets and rescue scenes were well directed. On the other hand, in anime, anything is possible through animation, and even scenes of rescue or crisis lack realism.

“Thunderbirds 2086” synopsis

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In the year 2066, humanity has formed the World Federation, which has been a long-cherished desire. There, people lived a peaceful life that they had longed for. However, as science and technology reached their peak, they sometimes caused unimaginable accidents, scientific crimes became more serious, and new threats were being created. Under these circumstances, the World Federation has assembled the scientific rescue team Techno Voyager, which brings together the best of technology, in order to protect the peace and safety of Earth.
This story depicts the activities of five young people who work there. [See official website etc.]

“Thunderbirds 2086” review

Although this work is by no means bad in content, it has been evaluated as just a mediocre work. It would be great if the members whose main mission was rescue could be used as teaching materials, but TV animation works are originally aimed at children, and even if the story is about exploring space or the Earth, there is a certain degree of unreality. It’s necessary. This work may contain elements that are more realistic than robot works, but unfortunately it falls into the boring category as an anime.

It was good point

  1. Although it is plain, the SF depiction is careful.
  2. Gimmick of the main mecha Techno Voyager that separates and combines three machines.
  3. Broadcast year Modern science fiction study of the future.

Bad points

  1. Very plain and lacking in catharsis.
  2. Canceled after less than half a year due to poor viewer ratings.
  3. The drama was rather mediocre, and there was nothing particularly noteworthy about the content.


Sakiko Hanaoka

Episode 10, “The SOS Cell of Terror,” was produced by Artland as a gross contract, with Noboru Ishiguro serving as the supervisor, and Haruhiko Mikimoto, who was still unknown at the time, in charge of guest character design and drawing. The hairstyle of Sakiko Hanaoka, a female scientist who is a guest character in this episode, precedes the so-called “Denden Mushi Hair” which is the characteristic of Misa Hayase, the heroine of “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross”. ” became a hot topic in anime magazines after it began airing.

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