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Summary of Magical Angel Creamy Mami

“Magic Angel Creamy Mami”

*Period: July 1, 1983 to June 29, 1984

*Number of episodes: 52 episodes in total

*Production: Studio Pierrot

Incorporating an unprecedented element of showbiz into magical girl anime, the main character’s voice was provided by Takako Ota, an idol singer who was 15 years old at the time and whose debut song was the theme song for this work. Initially, it was planned to be 26 episodes, but due to the positive feedback from viewers, it was extended to 52 episodes, and OVAs such as “Creamy Mami, the Magical Angel: Eternal Once More (1984)” and “Creamy Mami, the Magical Angel: Lovely Serenade (1985)” were added. “Creamy Mami the Magic Angel Long Goodbye (1985)” and “Creamy Mami Song Special 2 Curtain Call (1986)” were also produced.

Magic Angel Creamy Mami synopsis

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Yuu Morisawa, who resides in Kurimi Hill, is a lively and innocent 10-year-old girl. One day, she accidentally encounters the Feather Star ark, which was lost due to a dream storm, and meets Pinopino, a fairy and resident of the dream world “Feather Star.” As a thank-you for helping with the ship, Yuu is granted a magic wand for a limited period of one year by Pinopino, along with the task of looking after Posi and Nega, familiars disguised as cats. Intrigued by the power of magic, Yuu learns how to use the wand from Posi and Nega and immediately transforms into a 16-year-old girl, teasing her parents and Shunfu with playful pranks.

While walking in Shinjuku in this form, she is scouted by Shinogo Tachibana, the president of the talent agency “Parthenon Pro,” and ends up making her debut as a singer somewhat forcefully. Amidst the strange love triangle involving her other self, Mami, Yuu struggles with the double life of being a grade schooler during the day and a popular idol in the evening.

Shunfu, informed by Pinopino that he has inadvertently absorbed Yuu’s magical power, decides to use magic to return Yuu to her original form. However, fearing the disappearance of Mami, Pinopino advises Yuu to continue her idol activities. In exchange, only Shunfu’s memories of magic are sealed away, and Yuu is bestowed with a new magical tool.

Subsequently, the Central Racecourse is chosen as the venue for the fateful place where Yuu received magic from Pinopino, and schedules are hastily arranged. As there remains only one song to perform, the Feather Star ark suddenly appears at the venue and abducts Mami. Despite Yuu’s futile wishes and Pinopino’s demand to return the magic, the entire venue erupts with calls of “Return Mami-chan!”


The interesting aspect of “Creamy Mami” lies in its theme of depicting the protagonist’s emotional turmoil and growth as she oscillates between her true self in the realistic world and the illusionary self created by magic. This theme juxtaposes the everyday life she leads with the magical occurrences, and the seamless blending of these elements is what makes it successful.

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Charm 1: An ordinary girl who plays three roles

Mami leads a busy life, balancing both her life as Yuu and her life as Mami. Furthermore, Mami not only acts as a magical girl but also as an idol, effectively juggling the roles of “girl,” “magical girl,” and “idol” simultaneously.

Charm 2: Affectionate characters

The world of “Creamy Mami” is populated with endearing characters, with hardly any villains. Instead, there are many eccentric yet kind-hearted individuals, contributing to the charm of the series. From Shunfu (Yuu’s childhood friend) to Midori-kun, Aichi-chan, Megumi-san from the idol agency, to Yuu’s mascots, Nega and Posi, each character adds their own unique flair to the vibrant atmosphere of the show, making them all endearing in their own way.

Charm 3: Music

The music of “Creamy Mami” is another captivating aspect. The opening theme, “Delicate ni Suki Shite,” became so popular that it was later covered by fifteen different artists. The songs performed by Mami as an idol are equally enchanting, rivaling contemporary idol songs in charm. Personally, my favorite is the insert song “Girls Talk” from the OVA “Long Goodbye.”

Charm 4: Character design

The character design by Akemi Takada, who also worked on “Urusei Yatsura,” is undeniably adorable. The girls she draws have an irresistibly cute quality to them, adding to the overall appeal of the series.


The story of “Magical Angel Creamy Mami” was created precisely because there were no mobile phones or the Internet.
There are scenes in the story where she tells lies over the phone, but if the story were set in a modern, information-rich world, I thought it would be difficult for magical girls to keep their secrets.

A retrospective digest of the first half of the main story up to episode 26 is available on the official YouTube of “Studio Pierrot”.

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