Super Dimension Century ORGUSS ~ A precursor to “Master~”? !


Summary of Super Dimension Century ORGASS

Super Dimension Century ORGASS

*Period: July 3, 1983 to April 8, 1984

*Number of episodes: Total 35 episodes

*Production: Tokyo Movie Shinsha

The second work in the “Super Dimension Series” was produced as a follow-up to the huge success of “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross.” Staff members from Studio Nue continued to work on “Macross,” but Masaharu Kawamori, who played a central role in the previous work and also directed the theatrical version, did not participate in this work. Production has shifted from Tatsunoko Productions for the previous work to Tokyo Movie Shinsha.After that, the sequel “Super Dimension Century Orguss 02” was produced and sold as an OVA in 1993.

Haruhiko Mikimoto is the character designer. In particular, the “Mikimoto character”, which delicately captured the charm of a beautiful girl, became popular.

Mechanical design will be handled by Kazutaka Miyatake, who is active on the front lines as a mechanical designer, mainly working on science fiction anime and robot anime.

Super Dimension Century Orgas Synopsis

In the year 2062, two factions on Earth are fighting over ownership of an orbital elevator. The main character, Kei, is a pilot for the Freedom Space Corps, and he attempts to destroy an energy plant in an orbital elevator, but is thrown into a chaotic space-time by a runaway space-time concussion bomb. In the world of 2082, he is picked up by the Emanians, but becomes involved in a battle between various factions as a “singularity”. Kei aims to restore space and time amidst the complicated circumstances of the past and present, and in the final episode, he is faced with the choices he must make in order to restore space and time.


This work is full of sci-fi settings such as “orbital elevators,” “parallel worlds,” and “time paradoxes,” and many parallel worlds are jumbled together, making the worldview and story of the work difficult to understand. It’s like a fantasy, but it’s not a fantasy, and it’s fascinating to see a world where numerous “parallel worlds” where various people have evolved and civilizations have developed, all mixed together on one earth like a complex puzzle. It’s a worldview.

“Emaan” is different from Kei and the others in terms of her appearance with tentacles, her gestation period, and her way of thinking. “Chiram” is the future state of the world where Kei and Olson were. The story of the intricate intertwining of humans and forces that have undergone various evolutions and developments, such as Mu, which has become an empire of machines, was also fascinating. With the exception of Mu, whose purpose is to wipe out humanity, Emaan Chiram and others do not aim to expand or conquer territory, but rather Kei, who is the “singularity” that is the key to the story in which he stakes the survival of the world. It is also interesting to see the unique changes in the world situation unique to the worldview, such as the battle over Olson and sometimes cooperation.

I watched it again on DVD and was impressed with how well it was done. Whether you haven’t seen it yet or are long-time science fiction anime fans who were watching it in real time at the time, this is a work that you should watch in its entirety.

Charm 1: “Maugham” is just so cute

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A robot girl named “Maugham” appears, and the setting of this robot is quite amazing.
It’s amazing to hear that a robot that looks like an elementary school girl is so dedicated to taking care of us, but it turns out that this robot also says to its master Kei, “Welcome home, master.” He greets me. The setting of Maugham, which was more than 20 years ahead of the 1980s when there was no lack of culture such as “Moe characters” and “Beautiful girls,” is surprising to those of us who live in this era.

Charm 2: Novelty? ! Mechanical design

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Kazutaka Miyatake took a new approach to the mecha design for this game by designing the friendly side in a curved line and the enemy side in a straight line. In addition, we have introduced a mecha called “Nykick” on the enemy side that has the same abilities as the main character. However, this approach led to poor sales of sponsored products and may have contributed to the bankruptcy of the sponsored company. It has also been pointed out that there are areas that need improvement in the work, such as the conspicuous reuse of cells.(I think it’s cool though. I also bought a plastic model.)

Charm 3: Music

The singer is Casey Rankin of “SHOGUN” fame. He is famous for “BAD CITY,” the theme song of “Detective Story. From its quiet start, the song spreads a strong sense of fly, evoking the romance of the sky. It features a high quality sound composed by Casey Rankin (composer) and Koji Miura (lyricist), as well as attractive vocals with a contrast between Japanese and English.


Fascinating characters, world setting, and shocking developments. The foreshadowing and surprising developments that were often revealed during the course of the viewing of the film were a delight and took my breath away. The reason why the orbital elevator is so important, the secret of Athena, and the character Momu, who was ahead of her time…there was plenty of material to enjoy.

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