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Summary of Asari-chan

*Broadcast period:January 25, 1982 – February 28, 1983
*Number of episodes:Total 54 episodes
*Production:Toei Animation

This is an anime work that focuses on Asari Hamano and her family, and uses comedy gags to describe the family slapstick typical of Showa anime. The main character, Asari, is a cheerful girl who is not good at studying, but has excellent athletic ability. She is also extremely strong in fights and is as strong as any boy, earning her the nickname “The Beast of Sakuragai Elementary School.”

Asari’s family consists of four people. Although her older sister, Tatami, has no athletic ability, she has been an outstanding talent since the founding of Sakuragai Elementary School, and even at home, she is able to win in big fights with Asari with her physical strength. My mother graduated from a private English department and is clumsy, but she is a perfectionist when it comes to education and has strength that even Asari and Tatami can’t match. Although my father seems modest compared to my sister and mother, he is the general manager of a major company and supports his family as a hard worker.

Asari-chan synopsis

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This is a gag work that revolves around the main character, Asari Hamano, who is in the fourth grade of elementary school. It is characterized by a development that basically concludes in one episode, so you can enjoy it even if you start halfway. The characters have distinct personalities and are full of interesting depictions. His works are characterized by a wide range of styles, incorporating not only everyday events but also science fiction elements such as other worlds and fantasy.

The most distinctive feature of the work is the behavior and behavior of Asari, the main character, by her older sister Tatami and her mother. Some of the depictions are sometimes extreme and may be offensive to some people. In fact, at the time of the broadcast, many letters were received asking, “Why is Asari-chan being bullied by Mama and Tatami?”, and the PTA also criticized that “the bullying and corporal punishment is too much.”

Since it’s a daily life anime with only one episode, the content isn’t very deep. The main character, Asari, does not prepare for lessons or review, does not even do homework, and does not care about helping around the house. He often fights with his older sister, Tatami, and ends up getting scolded by his mother.

Even though Asari, the main character, is treated unreasonably by her sister and mother, it is usually the result of her own carelessness or self-inflicted harm, so she can laugh off such scenes without thinking too much about them.

Review of Asari-chan

The radical lyrics of the theme song really match the world of the work. Anyway, the setting of the main character who is stupid, the wise older sister, the languid father, and the scary mother was interesting. If you look at it now, it’s a work that people are divided on whether they like it or not because it has depictions and scenes that can’t be seen as problematic or extreme, but I don’t dislike toxic works like this, and I was able to enjoy the content without having to think too much about difficult things.


The original work is a manga work that was serialized for 36 years from the August 1978 issue to the March 2014 issue (with a break in between) in Shogakukan’s educational magazine “Kogaku Ninen”, and is the author Muroyama’s masterpiece. There is also.

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ギネス世界記録に認定された漫画『あさりちゃん』の公式サイトだよ! マンガも読めるし、作者・室山まゆみ先生のイラスト付きメッセージもたくさん!
あさりちゃん - 作品ラインナップ - 東映アニメーション
あさりちゃんの作品情報 あさりちゃん TV番組 放映開始:1982年1月25日 放映終了:1983年2月28日 毎週月曜日 19:00~19:30 ANB系列 全54話


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