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Overview of “Muteking the Outrageous Warrior”

”Muteking the Outrageous Warrior”

*Broadcast period:September 7, 1980 to September 27, 1981
*Number of episodes:Total 56 episodes
*Production:Tatsunoko Production

The hero-gag anime produced by Tatsunoko Productions features “naughty” costumes with lots of primary colors. The hero of the story confronts the “Kurodako Brothers,” a group of aliens who are invading the earth. At first, he fights with mecha that look like animals and insects, and when the battle gets fierce, the good aliens’ super powers transform him into a hero and he defeats the enemy mecha.

The story takes place in the city of “Yon Francisco,” which is reminiscent of San Francisco on the West Coast of the United States. In the first half, American comic elements are prominent, and from episode 33 onward, the story takes place in downtown Tokyo, but the cheerful American comedy atmosphere is still present.

Synopsis of Muteking, the Outrageous Warrior

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One night, two shooting stars fell on Yonfrancisco. One of the stars that fell on the Yugi Institute was Tacoro, an assistant sheriff who came to Earth from the planet Taco, far in space, in pursuit of the four villainous brothers, the Kurodako Brothers. While his father is excited by his encounter with the unknown, Tacoro makes friends with a young boy from Earth named Rin Youki. Meanwhile, the Kurodako Bros., octopus vaders who are plotting to conquer the earth and causing mayhem one after another, immediately begin their plan to take over the earth, using an uninhabited haunted house as their hideout. The smears emitted by Takoroh have a mysterious ingredient that turns those who are exposed to them into heroes, and Rin, who is exposed to the smears, transforms into the invincible superhero Roller Warrior Muteking and confronts the unusual disturbances caused by the Kurodako Brothers. He is a comical and comical roller skater who sings, dances, and knocks out his enemies in Yonfrancisco and Tokyo.

Thoughts on “Muteking, the Outrageous Warrior

Along with Gordian and Gold Litan, Tatsunoko was a masterpiece of the 80’s. Its world domination missions were not violent or destructive, but rather bizarre and very comical. It is the antithesis of the Tatsunoko heroes of the 70s. The work started off quite slow, but after watching 10 episodes, I found it quite interesting, as all the slow developments from the first episode were foreshadowed. It is a great work for anime culture in that it is an anime that is like nothing else. It has a good, cheerful American comedy groove, and specializes in comedy more than the Time Bokan series of the same period, with almost no seriousness. The relationship between Lynn and Tacoro is familiar, and they are heroes for children. The interesting mecha battles between the two sides are more comical than those in the Time Bokan series.

It no longer seems to have a Japanese sense of style.
Characters, mecha.
It’s a sense that today’s creators can’t produce.

Charm 1: Groovy opening theme by Ichiro Mizuki

It can be said to be one of the representative songs of legendary anime song singer Ichiro Mizuki. With its pop music and catchy lyrics, those who were in elementary school at the time can still sing the song from memory without looking at the lyrics more than 40 years later.

In addition, the insert song “Tacolo Dancing” was the de facto debut song as a lyricist for Yasushi Akimoto, who was a broadcaster at the time!

Charm 2: The cuteness of the enemy characters, the Kurodako Bros.

The Kurodako Brothers are also unique and the siblings get along well with each other, and although evil, they are not hateful. Takomi-chan, in particular, is a lovely maiden in love. She is the sister character who is adored. What I like most about the Kurodako Brothers is their cuteness. The way they dance the Kurodako Ondo is cute, and the way they pull the corners of their mouths together when they are up to something is cute.

Charm 3: A cheerful American comedy

The sense of speed of the roller action in the hero’s unrivaled space after transforming into Muteking, and the promised one-sided development are thrilling.
The Kurodako Brothers’ strange invasion strategies and interactions have their own unique flavor.


Roller skates and Walkman…for an elementary school student at the time, he was quite the bourgeois main character.

Episodes 1 and 2 of the main story are available for free on the official YouTube channel of “Tatsunoko Channel.”

▽Tatsunoko Production official youtube

無料アニメ配信の「タツノコチャンネル」 「タツノコチャンネル」は株式会社タツノコãƒ...

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「MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO」←Remake version of Ridiculous Warrior Muteking (2021)

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