Dirty Pair ~Lo Lo Lo Russian Roulette!


Summary of “Dirty Pair”

“Dirty Pair”

*Period: July to December 1985

*Number of episodes: TV series total 26 episodes

*Production: japan sunrise

The character designs by up-and-coming animator Teji Doki, who was also in charge of the character designs for Urusei Yatsura, which attracted attention for his beautiful girl drawings, are appealing. The TV anime was broadcast on Nippon Television from July to December 1985, and since then there have been a movie version (released in 1987), an OVA (Dirty Pair: The Mystery of Norlandia – released in 1985), and a second one-shot OVA. The work was announced as (Dirty Pair Plot Flight 005 – released in 1990).

“Dirty Pair” synopsis

The setting of this story is the Milky Way Galaxy in the 22nd century. The World Welfare Works Association (WWWA), a specialized organization established by the Galactic Union in response to the “Claretta Triple Star Incident,” is introduced. Within this organization are crime-trouble consultants known by the codename “Lovely Angels,” but more commonly recognized as the “Dirty Pair.” Among the Dirty Pair are Kay and Yuri, who despite causing trouble, resolve incidents as they unfold, thus unfolding a space opera set in the galaxy.

Kay is a passionate beauty with distinctive red hair styled in a wolf cut and wheat-colored skin. On the other hand, Yuri boasts long straight black hair, exuding a contrasting feminine charm. While she often plays the role of calming down Kay’s impulsive nature with her cool demeanor, Yuri occasionally reveals a short-tempered side. Depending on the situation and the individual they encounter, she may also speak sharply, though according to Kay, this is a manifestation of her adeptness at navigating various circumstances.

With each incident they resolve, they inevitably leave behind devastating damage to the planets involved. However, most of these outcomes are deemed unavoidable and necessary to prevent further harm. Consequently, they are never held accountable for their actions and merely face harsh criticism from their superiors. They despise their infamous reputation, with Kay particularly reacting vehemently to it.


The main characters, Kei and Yuri, are very attractive, and in my opinion are the best characters of all time. It’s a fun piece just watching the two of them do their best. I thought it was a spy movie, but it’s just a crazy comedy. Basically, one episode is complete, and the story structure is as follows: “The main characters go on a rampage due to an incident, then the story unfolds in a strange way.” The good thing about this kind of work is that you can watch it without worrying too much about the scenario, so you don’t have to think about it, so you can watch it relatively calmly.

Charm 1: excellent scriptwriters

Kazunori Ito, a leading figure in the innovation of Japanese animation in the 80s and 90s, as well as Hiroyuki Hoshiyama (masterpiece “Mobile Suit Gundam”), Toshiki Inoue (“Kamen Rider Agito”), Mitsuru Shimada (“Romeo’s Blue Sky”), and Kim. Haru Tomoko (“NANA”, “Kimi ni Todoke”), Yasushi Hirano (“City Hunter”), Toshimichi Okawa, and others will participate. The first few episodes were a little lackluster, but as Yuri and Kei’s characters became clearer, the scriptwriters and animators probably got excited, and the quality of the work improved as the episodes went on.

Charm 2: The original! beautiful girl character

Because Teji Doki, who specializes in beautiful girls, was in charge of character design, Yuri and Kei are depicted as strong, cute, modern women, without being overly sexy, even in nude or panty shots. Although the boyish Kei is attractive in her own way, the majority of anime-loving men in the world were Yuri fans.

Charm 3: The OP and ED songs are really stylish and excellent.

Both the OP “Ro Lo Lo Russian Roulette” and the ED “Space Love” are famous songs sung by “Meiko Nakahara.” This is disco music that is still relevant today.


It’s a thrilling space opera-like drama with almost one episode. A very stylish anime for the 80’s. It is a work that reminds us of the good old days.

You can watch only the first episode for free on YouTube’s official website.

▽If you want to watch the anime “Dirty Pair”, check out Bandai Channel


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