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Summary of Magic fairy persia

*Broadcast period:From July 6, 1984 to May 31, 1985
*Number of episodes:Total 48 episodes
*Production:studio pierrot

This is the second installment of the magical girl series produced by Pierrot, and the only work in the “Pierrot Magical Girl Series” with an original work, and the only work to feature a professional voice actor as the main character.

The story begins when Persia Hayami, a girl who grew up in Africa, is entrusted with a magical item by her fairy on her way back to Japan. She is on a mission to collect her love energy with her magical powers in order to save the fairyland Lovely Dream.

At first, it started out as a story about an orthodox magical girl who is on a mission to save her magical country, but as her story progresses, the focus becomes more on her inner self in Persia and the emotional landscape of the people around her. I moved. The second half of this work received high praise for its deep emotional expression and careful and delicate depiction of daily life. In particular, some of the production methods used in Takashi Anno were seen in this work, and their brilliance was praised.

Magic fairy persia synopsis

Persia Hayami, an 11-year-old girl with a wild personality who grew up in Africa, is on her way back to Japan where her parents are waiting for her, when she gets lost in a fairyland called “Lovely Dream” along with a passenger plane. There, Persia is entrusted with her magic baton by her fairy, and she receives a mission: “Collect her love energy to save Lovely Dream.” She will be given her magic and asked to gather the energy of love needed to save the fairyland.

Helpers to help her Persian include Simba the lion from Africa (transforms into a cat at the beginning), Lovely Dream’s Kappas (Geragera, Puripuri, and Mesomeso), and the fairy Bonbon.

At first, Persia is an innocent elementary school student, but in episode 21 she learns of the tragic love between Princess Fairy and Kenji Sawaki, and learns of the weight of reality that cannot be cured with magic, and she grows spiritually. Persia initially liked both her childhood friend, the twin boy Manabu Muroi, and her powers, but after witnessing an intimate scene between her friends Yoyoko and Manabu, Persia began to think that she was… She realizes that she loves science.

When Lovely Dream is out of the immediate crisis, it is decided that Gaku and Power will go to Africa. During the commotion, Persia learns that Gaku also likes Persia, and Persia decides to live without her magical powers.

Review of Magic fairy persia

“Persia, the Magic Fairy” is the second work produced by Studio Pierrot following the huge success of “Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel.” Like Creamy Mami, this work inherits the concept of a girl becoming an adult through magic, but the story follows the classic path of the magical girl series.

The main character, Persia, is a very good-natured child who cannot overlook those in need and always puts the feelings of her partner first. The early part of her story depicts the extraordinary daily life of a Persian girl who came to Japan from Africa, such as motocross and professional wrestling. In the second half, there are more heartwarming stories about her helping people and finding matchmaking, and her Persian kindness becomes more apparent.

It’s a mysterious and random setting in which a girl brought to Japan from Africa is given magic and works hard to collect the energy of love, but in the final episode, Persia, who has gathered the power of love, naturally acquires the power of magic. I’m looking forward to losing it and saying goodbye to the raincoats that look after me. The final episode will be an emotional one. Although this work falls into the category of being less interesting, it is one of my personal favorites.

The charm of the magical fairy Persia 1~ Opening song

Above all, the opening is amazing! The lyrics were written by Yasushi Akimoto, who is Japan’s leading idol producer, and the music and arrangement were made by “Koji Makaino”, a golden duo. Both of them are monsters who have been active on the front lines from the 1980s to the present day. The phrase “girls like tropical fish who speak katakana” is really cool.

The charm of the magical fairy Persia 2~ Achievements of talented voice actress Mina Tominaga

It can be said that Mina Tominaga’s accomplishments in skillfully portraying the roles of child Persia and adult Persia are great. Her new ending theme, “Daisuki Simba,” for which she sang the vocals herself, was a rare anime song in the series. She made her record debut and was an idol in the voice acting world in the mid-1980s.

The charm of the magical fairy Persia 3~ Stable drawing

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Yumiko Horozawa, who served as her first animation director, was 19 years old at the time! Her drawings are more stable than those of Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel, and her rewriting of the rather basic character designs in a shoujo manga style was also a blessing.


Near the final episode, the episode titled “Even if you use magic, there are some things that can’t be helped” had a very unique story development for a magical girl story. The ending is an unexpected love story. It was worth watching as a story of one girl’s growth!

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