“Aura Battler Dunbine” You and I, earthlings, are holy warriors in Byston Well


Memories from when Dunbine was aired

In 1983, I started watching “Aura Battler Dunbine” under the influence of my classmate K, and was hooked. However, in Nagasaki Prefecture, where I lived, there were only two commercial terrestrial TV channels in the countryside, so I was finally able to watch it six months later than in the Kanto region. I’ll never forget that time, when I was a first-year junior high school student, I took full advantage of being in the homecoming club, deftly dodging the Yankee calls and dashing home after class. After watching Ninja Hattori-kun starting at 16:50, I stood nervously in front of the video deck, my eyes bloodshot, and smashed the button to start recording! was doing. (However, the beginning of the OP ends after a delay.)

Aura Battler Dunbine’s Story

Byston Well is a place of rest and training for the revolving souls. It exists between the sea and the land, supported by the life force known as “aura power.” The race called Common forms a medieval European feudal state, with various factions such as the fairy-like Mi Ferario, their superior race the E Ferario, and the barbaric tribe Garou Ran living together within their respective spheres of influence, influencing each other (such as Garou Ran providing their superhuman abilities to the Common in exchange for compensation). The E Ferario reside in the celestial water realm called “Wo Landon,” which corresponds to the ceiling portion of Byston Well, while the lower-class fairies, Mi Ferario, with a size of around 30 centimeters and two pairs of wings on their backs, also appear in the world of the Common.

Originally, it was impossible to travel between Byston Well and the earthly realm except through death, but occasionally, it happens through the “Aura Road” opened by the power of the E Ferario or accidental incidents. Shot, knowledgeable in robotics, focused on the unique aura power of Byston Well and developed the “Aura Machine,” which utilizes it as an energy source, thus introducing “machinery” to Byston Well for the first time. Drake harbors ambitions to control the entirety of Byston Well by obtaining the overwhelming power of the Aura Machine. He has already gained immense wealth by exporting outdated Aura Machines and their technology to other countries.

While bewildered by the sudden appearance of a different world, Sho continued his battles against the Gibun family, the opposing force to Drake, as instructed. However, upon understanding Drake’s true intentions through the persuasion of Nei Gibun, the eldest son of the Gibun family, who is in love with Drake’s daughter Rimuru Luft, and Marvel Frozen, a surface dweller allied with the Gibun family, Sho fled with Danbain. As a result, Aura Machines began appearing all over the world, shifting the battleground to the earthly realm. The alliance led by Sheila Lapana, the young queen of the Na Kingdom, and Ele Hanmu of the Lau Kingdom, aimed to thwart the ambitions of Drake, who seeks to conquer the surface with the overwhelming power of the Aura Machines, alongside the country of A led by Drake and the country of Ku led by Bishott Hatta. This escalation leads to a full-scale war involving nations from around the world.

“Aura Battler Dunbine” review

Although “Aura Battler Dunbine” is said to be an unpopular work among director Tomino’s anime, it can be said that it still has a certain number of core fans even today. There are almost no typical love scenes between characters, and you will be drawn in by the “aura battler”, a weapon powered by people’s auras, the medieval European-style setting where fairies control order, the epic storyline, and the unique worldview. Serious from beginning to end. Moe element 0. Burning element 100.

“Aura Battler Dunbine”Charm 1: Aura Battler

Since the power comes from a person’s aura, it’s small and feels easy to handle. At the time, I fantasized about riding it to school. For manufacturing, the muscle fibers and shells of giant carnivores are used, and if it is not operated for a long time, it may deteriorate and deteriorate, so it may be stored submerged in water. It is a clear departure from robots and mecha, and as expected, the depth of director Tomino’s imagination is immeasurable.

[Quote] Amazon  Personally, my favorite aura battler is Dana Ossy

“Aura Battler Dunbine”Charm 2:Opening

The light and pop rhythm with MIO’s husky voice started to catch my attention, and it was a big hit with my radio cassette player at the time.


“Aura Battler Dunbine”Charm 3: Cute chum

Among “Aura Battler Dunbine”, which has no Moe characters, a rare Moe character is “Cham”. At that time, 1/1 scale figures were on sale, but the price was 9,800 yen, which I couldn’t afford as a middle school student. I saved up my pocket money and went to a model shop in town, and was finally able to get it… Due to my poor painting skills (3 out of 5 levels of art), I was unable to recreate Cham.

【Quote】 Amazon      package at the time



Tomino anime is not only about Gundam! If you haven’t watched “Aura Battler Dunbine”, a serious robot anime that captures men’s hearts, give it a try! It seems that only the first episode can be watched for free on YouTube official website.

It seems that only the first episode can be watched for free on YouTube official website.

▽If you want to watch the Dunbine anime, check out Bandai Channel


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